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“DIVINE LOVE” - by Wharton


An incomprehensible 2.00ct. Fancy Intense Orangey Yellow Heart Shape Diamond from our “FOREVER RARE” collection, and;


A testimony to our supremacy when it comes to Fancy Colour Diamonds.


Take note that an Orange Colour Diamond sits in the absolute Top Tier of all Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds and with it's Intense Orange hue this particular gift of nature unequivocally looks more Orange than yellow.


With an si2 clarity and no inclusions visible to the naked eye - it is certain to make your Heart beat higher - and even skip a beat or two!


Cut in Antwerp and certified by HRD, the official representative of the 570year old Antwerp Diamond District: This is a rare example of an immaculate Heart Shape!


For true purveyors who appreciate it's most desireable of 1:1 length to width ratio;


Coupled with a perfect "cleft" that defines the detailed finesse of a Heart Shape.


Housed in a Yellow Gold Gallery and Yellow Gold setting detail to eliminate any disruptions to its magnificent colour;


Crafted into an 18ct. White Gold Ring in a split shank design with 74 Microset Brilliant Cut Diamonds.


“DIVINE LOVE” - by Wharton


As rare as a true Soulmate and unlikely to ever be found again when the opportunity has been missed.


Price on Request - Viewings by Appointment


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“DIVINE LOVE” - by Wharton

SKU: HEMO 21/028/02/01
$97,850.00 Regular Price
$29,999.00Sale Price
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    "TWICE AS MUCH"- by Wharton

    Future Upgrade Value retention guarantee!

    ​For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We Guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    A "white for white" and "fancy for fancy" - colour Diamond rule applies.

    Exceptions may be made at our sole discretion on request.

    Growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.

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