Our star in its own right.


An absolute masterpiece, that refracts, radiates and commands attention, thriving even in the dimmest of light conditions.


It's creations like these that set us apart from anyone else and make us well and truly “A CUT ABOVE”.


6.91 carat (!!!) of Diamond bliss, housed in an exceptionally crafted design and set by arguably one of the finest Diamond Setters in Australia.


This magnificent Jewel from our “WHARTON” - Signature Edition befittingly features a principal Diamond in RADIANT CUT well over 5ct - cut to utter perfection with a certified grade of EXCELLENCE across the board.


As of today (14/09/2020) there is no other Diamond of this particular caliber available to ANY Diamond Dealer on ANY Diamond network within well over 4 Billion US$ worth of listings!


Full details, Video and certification documents available by request via Phone Calls on +61 (0)410 636 454 ONLY.

(Private Callers Ignored)




"L.ETOILE" - by Wharton

SKU: RADAX 17/247/03
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    "TWICE AS MUCH" - by Wharton


    For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under the sole condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    Safe from second hand Sales and resulting nasty losses, growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.





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