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“ROSÉ - DIRECTORS CUT” - by Wharton

“ROSÉ - DIRECTORS CUT” - by Wharton


Have a really close look.


Ever seen anything like it before?


Well - you haven't and are unlikely to ever again - let alone anytime soon!!!


Only 1 in 10,000 Natural Diamonds has a Natural Fancy Colour!


That's just before you even commence sifting through them to scout for the most beautiful colours and saturation.


Asscher Cuts are the rarest of delights amongst them and one of our personal favourites.


We dare say that we have the strictest criteria in our selective process and many of the finest in Australia have passed through our hands.


This sublime example of 2.08ct. made it into our coveted “ROSÉ” collection and constitutes one of a kind we haven’t had in many years in this size and colour!


Impeccable dimensions, almost perfect square at 6,75 x 6,68mm further add to its irresistable Allure.


“ROSÉ - DIRECTORS CUT” - by Wharton


Asscher Cut


Carat: 2.08ct.

Colour: Pink ROSE

Dimensions: 6,70 x 6,64 x 4,80mm

Clarity: si1


Elevated by:


1.06ct. - Asscher Cut - E+ colour vs clarity

(Precisely matched and calibrated)


Housed in our brand new “ZEN” design - first Manifested specifically for this very Fancy Diamond!


Created with some of the finest and rarest Fancy Colour Diamonds that defy any standardised description;


Every Diamond of our limited “ROSÉ” collection proudly carries the “WHARTON” name - laser inscribed on one end of its girdle - in conjunction with the year it has been Cut (2022) - and its exact Carat weight on the other.


This "ZEN" is certainly not one you will ever find again if you miss out on it!!!


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Our Video is unfiltered - unenhanced and an EXACT reflection of our “ROSÉ” viewed in sunlight!

“ROSÉ - DIRECTORS CUT” - by Wharton

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    "TWICE AS MUCH"- by Wharton

    Future Upgrade Value retention guarantee!

    ​For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We Guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    A "white for white" and "fancy for fancy" - colour Diamond rule applies.

    Exceptions may be made at our sole discretion on request.

    Growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.