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"THE GREENBACK" - by Wharton


Cut in Antwerp by our very own Team of Diamantaires;


Certified by the Headquarters of The International Gemmological Institute - in Antwerp;


The World's unequivocal Diamond Capital of 570years, where the very method of cutting Diamonds was invented well before  Columbus even discovered America.



With a History that spans well over a Billion Years since it's formation;


"Natural Diamonds - are the History of our Planet captured in the Palm of your Hands"

Feridun Altun (CEO)


This Exquisite and seriously Fancy Natural Diamond is yet another testimony to our exclusivity and unlike everything in Global circulation named alike;


This, is a Greenback that is worth every single penny on it’s Certified and Independently Documented assertion of Authenticity and Value!


Guaranteed to outlast and outshine any Greenback that came before it and any yet to come.


Housed in a Platinum Trilogy Design that has attained Global acknowledgement in it's own right to stand the test of time;


The specifications for this Magnificent Jewel are:


Pear Shape Brilliant


Carat: 3.02ct. 

Clarity: vs2


Colour: Fancy DEEP Brownish Green Yellow*


Set in a central Gallery crafted in 18ct. Yellow Gold to prevent any distraction from it's wonderful Colour.


Flanked by:


Tapered Baguette (2)


Carat: 0.49ct.

Colour: F/G

Clarity: vs



"THE GREENBACK" - by Wharton


A seriously Fancy addition into any collection!



Price on Request - Viewings by Appointment


For viewing appointments, visit:



*Take note:


This is not merely a Fancy DEEP Brownish "Greenish" Yellow.

Its a Fancy DEEP Brownish GREEN Yellow!

Emphasising the higher level of presence of the Green Colour.



Diamond Colour Gradings are undertaken in laboratory light conditions of 2,200 kelvin;

Each Colour present in these conditions are noted on Certification for verification purposes.

The regular State of Display however in which you will get to see "THE GREENBACK" in natural light conditions is the impeccable Green Colour you see in our images and Videos.


"THE GREENBACK" - by Wharton

SKU: PEFA 24/2332024/02
  • All our Jewellery is sold inclusive of:

    GST - within Australia

    Free fully insured Shipping 

    Free resizing prior to delivery

    Free 2year maintenance period as outlined in detail on our FAQ page

    "TWICE AS MUCH"- by Wharton

    Future Upgrade Value retention guarantee!

    ​For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We Guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    A "white for white" and "fancy for fancy" - colour Diamond rule applies.

    Exceptions may be made at our sole discretion on request.

    Growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.

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