Do you have a 'Shopfront'?


We do not have traditional Shopfronts! 

Instead we have viewing rooms to which we welcome clients by appointment. It eliminates unnecessary - and frankly - ludicrous - expenses that would have to be passed on to our clientele. This would contradict our philosophy of offering you not only the absolute best in quality, but also the very best value possible. 

Your experience with us will also be far more personal, private and focal than you will have ever experienced before.

What should I/ We bring to an appointment?


Time! Our consultations are never rushed!.

For most of our clients the purchase of a Jewel is not only a rare occasion but more importantly marks a very significant moment in their lives. To be chosen to participate in your special and personal journey is a highly fulfilling aspect of our vocation. We want to make sure we get everything right and make your Wharton experience not only a memorable - but a rather remarkable one.

You will be encouraged to share your very own vision with us; to be incorporated in the process of creating a unique masterpiece just for you.. Perhaps even bring some sketches you may have made?

An indication of your allocated budget is well regarded, so we may guide you into a variety of options available to you when choosing a Diamond perfect for YOU.

Are your Diamonds certified?


In fact - many of the finest Diamonds on Earth have our Name Laser Inscribed on them (alongside their respective Laboratory Report Numbers).

Metaphorically speaking, a certificate is the passport of a Diamond.

Identification and verification has become more important than ever today. At the very least to ascertain your Diamond is in fact Natural and Earth Mined and not some worthless lab-grown imitation (the prices of which are already plummeting due to increased volume in production).


WHARTON exclusively trade in Earth Mined Diamonds and any Certification is attended to by the Diamond Industry's 3 most respected and globally recognised laboratories.

In alphabetical order these are:


G.I.A. - Gemmological Institute of America

H.R.D. - The Diamond High Council

I.G.I.- (International Gemmological Institute

We refuse to engage in the trade of Diamonds with any other "certificates", which in our expertise by and large  aren't worthy of the paper they are written on.

We highly recommend against them - irrespective of where you decide to source your Jewel !!!


Our Diamonds are Guaranteed to be Ethically Sourced !

(In writing - since 2003)


Just as they falsely claim to be Diamond Dealers, many Jewellers will not refrain from claims to be trading in conflict free Diamonds either.


However, there will be almost none that will go beyond impressive lip service, let alone provide any official or written guarantees to substantiate their claims.


As actual Diamond Dealers, well respected in several Diamond Bourses Globally, Wharton Diamond Trading is not only proud to participate in a global initiative called the "Kimberley Process" but also bound to conform with its Trading Rules.


These unequivocally require Wharton Diamond Trading to provide written guarantees to be conflict free - for every Diamond Sold!


Ask yourself why a Jeweller or even more importantly a  self proclaimed "Diamond Dealer" would not provide this (obligational) written guarantee to you in their documentation:


"The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds."


"At Wharton your special moments and memories will never be tarnished by, or based on, someone else's misfortune!"


Feridun Altun



Do you provide after Sales Service(s)?

We offer 3 polish and plating services to be utilised within 24months of your purchase - free of charge.

Your Jewel will retain its Brand New look and feel of the day it was added to your collection.

Further included in our 24month care period is one resizing  - free of charge..

However, we will happily extent this service at any given time if the need for an adjustment arises naturally during pregnancy.

No doubt you should seamlessly continue to enjoy what symbolises one of the most significant moments in your life whilst anticipating another.

*It shall be noted that in line with WHARTON standards resizing will be attended to by exclusively utilising the latest in laser technology; leaving no visible remnants or solder marks.

Moreover ... with us you can even grow your Diamond and attain...

"TWICE AS MUCH" - by Wharton

For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

We guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under the sole condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

Safe from second hand Sales and resulting nasty losses, growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.

Do you provide Valuations?

In addition to all original Certificates that may accompany your principal Diamond, and an itemised Invoice outlining particulars of your purchase, you will also receive a separate and - notably -  INDEPENDENT Valuation for insurance purposes - at no additional fee.

Frankly, we find it frivolous for Jewellery Stores to provide in-house scribbles, conveniently passed on as Valuations to justify their ludicrous prices.

To make matters worse, there are very few amongst them that actually even have the credentials of an actual Diamond Grader or Gemmologist - and even in those rare circumstances the aforementioned constitutes a significant conflict of interest by any standards!

At "WHARTON" we believe in Integrity and happily pay third parties that have earned their respective credentials to do their job - to the best of their abilities and training!

Is there a prerequisite for an appointment?

A sincere interest!

As a result we require full contact details, such as Name, Surname, email and a phone number prior to a consultation.

No doubt you can appreciate that we get an insurmountable amount of contacts via email and our social media presence. Unfortunately a large volume of these communications have proven to be solely based on curiosity. 

Whilst we genuinely value that interest, our time is as precious as the Jewels we create - and so should yours be.