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"TAJ" - by Wharton


If you havent been able to Crown your Jewellery Collection with a Pink Diamond - yet;


Deeming your chances to ever attain one to likely be slim;


Let alone in a 1 carat size;


This is most definitely a very, very rare opportunity to enter a league of Fancy Colour Diamonds, generally flaunted by less than 0.1% of the global population.


GIA Certified and Laser Inscribed, this:


Oval Brilliant Cut


Carat: 1.01ct.

Colour: Fancy Purplish Pink


Furthermore has Dimensions of 7,22 x 5,45 x 3,15mm !!!


Not only has it been Cut by an absolute Master of Diamond Cutters, that certainly had his work literally Cut out by mother nature, having to tip toe around the inclusions.


It looks even bigger than a vast majority of all other 1ct. Oval Pink Diamonds!


Placed in a Bezel Setting for even more presence;


Housed in a Unique Statement Ring that befittingly has as much Personality and Character as herself;


She is seeking her equal to flaunt her in a Design that unlike most other Pink Diamonds can be worn comfortably each and every Day.


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"TAJ" - by Wharton

SKU: OVIL 21/1034/01
  • GST - within Australia

    Free fully insured Shipping 

    Free resizing prior to delivery

    Free 2year maintenance period as outlined in detail on our FAQ page


    "TWICE AS MUCH"- by Wharton

    Future Upgrade Value retention guarantee!

    ​For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We Guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    A "white for white" and "fancy for fancy" - colour Diamond rule applies.

    Exceptions may be made at our sole discretion on request.

    Growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.

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