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“THE EMPEROR” - by Wharton


An Omnipotent WHARTON Masterpiece from our highly coveted “FOREVER RARE” range.


One to Crown the collection of one very astute and incredibly lucky Diamond Connoisseur!


Housed in a palatial design, inspired by history and tradition, crafted with unsurpassed passion and attention to detail - it has NO EQUAL!


We feel privileged, humbled and incomprehensibly honoured to be the custodians of this not only exceptionally rare but well and truly finest of Fancy Colour Natural Diamonds you will ever be able to view, let alone attain - anywhere.


Proudly carrying our “WHARTON” logo as well as its exact carat weight and year it has been cut (2021) laser inscribed on its girdle;


This impeccable 6.63ct. Radiant - Cut to Excellent Symmetry - is further testimony to our supremacy as third generation Diamantaire when it comes to Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds.


Recognised as the highest monarchic ranking and honour,




Symbolises, encompasses and unifies in his presence all that is and has been Majestic!


Ascending above 1.47ct. of white Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds this one of a kind collectable Jewel is a real treasure to behold.


The latest in our long line of Family Heirlooms, created over three generations as Jewellers and Diamantaires by the Altun Family;


“THE EMPEROR” - by Wharton


Is an unequivocally Important Jewellery Masterpiece of 8.10ct.


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"THE EMPEROR" - by Wharton

SKU: RDMO 21/028/01
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    Free resizing prior to delivery

    Free 2year maintenance period as outlined in detail on our FAQ page


    "TWICE AS MUCH"- by Wharton

    Future Upgrade Value retention guarantee!

    ​For the Diamond lovers amongst you that wish to upgrade their Diamonds over time,

    We Guarantee to take in any undamaged "WHARTON" Jewel at its Original purchase price under condition that you add no less than an equal amount of your original purchase price to your upgrade.

    A "white for white" and "fancy for fancy" - colour Diamond rule applies.

    Exceptions may be made at our sole discretion on request.

    Growing your Diamond collection to incredible sizes has never been easier.

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