Home to the finest Natural Diamonds on Earth!


More than Jewellers!

WHARTON are Diamantaires - Diamond Dealers with a global expertise attained over three generations.


Suppliers of wholesale loose Diamonds to the most renowned Jewellery stores across Australia since our arrival in Melbourne in 2002, we have an arguably superior ability to showcase jewellery creations with the rarest and finest of them. The truly rare kind that you are unlikely to ever see anywhere else.



Ethically sourced

We almost exclusively sell Diamonds Cut by our partners n Antwerp!

The Antwerp Bourse is the worlds most renowned trading center dating back an unparalleled 600years,

Predominantly EXCELLENT and never lower than VERY GOOD in Cut Grade, ours are only ever certified by the three most reputable Grading laboratories in the World.


Commonly laser inscribed with the respective laboratory certification number for ease of verification.

In alphabetical order these are:

GIA - Gemmological Institute of America

HRD - The Diamond High Council

IGI - International Gemmological Institute

We refuse to engage in any other “ certificates “, which in our expertise are rarely worthy of the paper they are written on.


Infinite options


... and incomprehensible prices that make any other Sale look mediocre are merely a Natural outcome as we eliminate every middle man!


Be it a D colour Round Brilliant Cut, a Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut or a Pink Emerald Cut – WHARTON DIAMOND TRADING is the premier destination for the astute clientele.

Your preferred choice of color and shape has never been more attainable and you may even consider to upgrade your existing Diamond with an exchange through us?

From Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Eternity bands; over Unique Bridal Sets and Anniversary Rings; to Tennis Bracelets or Fancy Colour Diamond Colliers and Necklaces – there is nothing like a WHARTON!

Expertly crafted Signature Engagement Ring collections “ AMOUREUX ” and “ STELLA ”, perfected in our Atelier in the Melbourne CBD and available in Gold and Platinum, are just two of the many examples of how we commence and lead design trends with never before seen levels of perfection, attention to detail and finesse.

Unique Masterpieces

Limited creations with Fancy Colour Diamonds that we are particularly unlikely to ever be able to offer again due to their rare crystal composition traits, make us a favorite amongst collectors and connoisseurs in Melbourne, Sydney and well beyond the borders of Australia.

Occasionally available through Auction houses - our Jewels have often achieved more than twice their estimate during bidding wars we certainly did enjoy watching.

There just is no validation more sincere!

Diamonds we deem particularly rare and/ or collectible; may it be for their size or their immaculate natural colour, such as our WHARTON SELECT YELLOWS in 3 carat and larger also carry the WHARTON name laser Inscribed on their girdle.

Further Inscribed with the exact carat weight and the year they were cut our “ ROSE “ collection of only 4 magnificent Jewels was 75% sold within a matter of weeks – even with all our Melbourne doors shut!

Creating family heirlooms to be treasured for generations is an aspect of our vocation that we particularly enjoy participating in.






It all starts with a dream and a vision – to be manifested immaculately!

Book your appointment to manifest YOURS!

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