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“The Wharton Princess”

Mined in Australia - Cut in Antwerp 


1.02ct. Deep Brown Pink

vvs2 clarity

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Wharton Princess Stamped.jpg
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3.02ct. Intense Yellow.jpg

Unforgettable moments - deserve a



Our Engagement Rings are,


More than Jewellers, we are proud Diamantaires.

Diamond Dealers with a global expertise attained over three generations and suppliers of wholesale Diamonds to the most renowned Jewellery stores across Australia since our arrival in Melbourne in 2002.

The finest of them all - we keep for YOU!

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"THE EMPEROR" - by Wharton

_The Emperor_ - by Wharton.jpg

An Omnipotent Masterpiece from our highly coveted collection - “FOREVER RARE” 6..63ct. Fancy Intense Radiant Cut Housed in a palatial design, inspired by art, history and tradition, crafted with unsurpassed passion and attention to detail.   We feel privileged, humbled and incomprehensibly honored to be the custodians of this not only exceptionally rare but finest of Fancy Colour Natural Diamonds you will ever be able to view, let alone attain - anywhere. It has NO EQUAL!

"MAGNIF-ESSENCE" - by Wharton

Pink Diamond Green Diamond Orange Diamond Yellow Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Cushion Cut Pear Shape Diamond Collier

Highly deserving of its name  “MAGNIFESSENCE”  - by Wharton is an unparalleled example of how we merge an entire Diamond collection in one Exquisite Collier second to none. Encompassing the finest of Natural Fancy Colours and crafted for an astute Diamond Connoisseur and Collector. Green and Pink, Orange and Yellow Diamonds are taken to further heights with the addition of a “Chameleon” Diamond. The "Chameleon" - changing it's colour by reacting to its environment - constitutes a collectors dream with its principal Green colour in itself. An absolute Diamond Dream that not even many Diamantaires get to see in their entire lifetime!!! ​

Wharton Yellow cropped.jpg

Limited creations with Fancy Colour Diamonds that are particularly unlikely to ever be offered again due to their sublime composition traits, leading to the rarest of Colours, make us a favorite amongst collectors and connoisseurs in Melbourne, Sydney and well beyond the borders of Australia. A times these are available through Auction houses and have often achieved more than twice their estimates! Creating family heirlooms to be treasured for generations is an aspect of our vocation that we particularly enjoy participating in. 3 generations on, we are as humbled and grateful as ever to be chosen to become part of your journey .

Leaning Against the Wall

From Classic Solitaire Engagement- and, Wedding- Rings,
Eternity bands; over Unique Bridal Sets; Anniversary-Rings; to Tennis Bracelets, Fancy Colour Diamond Colliers and Necklaces


There is nothing like a "WHARTON"

Limited annual release collections such as our 
have already taken their rightful place amongst the most coveted Jewels in Australia since their introduction in 2020.

Every “ROSÉ” Diamond proudly carries the “WHARTON” name - laser inscribed on its girdle - in conjunction with the year it has been Cut - and its exact Carat weight.

Expertly crafted Signature Engagement Ring collections "AMOUREUX" and "STELLA", perfected in our Atelier in the Melbourne CBD and available in Gold and Platinum, are just two of the many examples of how we commence and lead design trends with never before seen levels of perfection, attention to detail and finesse others merely aspire to achieve.

Created with some of the finest and rarest Fancy Colour Diamonds we take particular pride in crafting Select Jewels that will remain:


Gifts of nature elevated into Treasures 

From Diamond Cutting, attending to the certification process and liaising with the Global authorities in Diamond Grading directly - to crafting your Masterpiece to the highest of standards.


Once acquired by "Wharton" - YOUR Diamond only ever leaves our sight when YOU choose to make it YOUR very own..


Your preferred choice of Diamond, in any color and shape, has never been more attainable as our incomprehensible pricing becomes merely a Natural outcome, whilst we eliminate EVERY middle man!

Desert Road
Rose picture_edited.jpg

I work in the jewellery industry myself but chose Wharton because their pieces are unique and so luxurious without the price tag.

Brooke (QLD)



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E IF Em.jpg

Fantastic personalized service and great Value - if you are buying a Diamond these are the people to deal with

Chris (NSW)



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Grand Cuvee latest.jpg

We gave an idea of what I wanted and it over exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be happier!

Shelley (ACT)



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Ethically Sourced - Guaranteed !
(In writing since 2003)

As actual Diamond Dealers, well respected in several Diamond Bourses Globally, Wharton Diamond Trading is not only proud to participate in a global initiative called the "Kimberley Process" (since its commencement) but also bound to conform with its Trading Rules as a participant.
These unequivocally require Wharton Diamond Trading to provide written guarantees - for every Diamond Sold! -  to be conflict free.
Ask yourself why a Jeweller or even more importantly a  self proclaimed "Diamond Dealer" would not provide this (obligational) written guarantee to you in their documentation:
"The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds."

"At Wharton your special moments and memories will never be tarnished by, or based on, someone else's misfortune!"

Feridun Altun

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